Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Life | Week Three

Holy cow- another week of Project Life, and I'm still caught up! Thank you DIGITAL Project Life! Each week reaffirms my decision to go digi, and I'm so happy I did.

So here's a peak at our life on the third week of 2012:

Did you notice the use of the new design D? I really wanted to show the Rock N Roll picture in vertical format, so I chose to try a new layout for the right side. To be honest, I don't totally love how it breaks up the uniformity of the spread, but I'm willing to live with it if I have pics that must be in vertical format. I think I'm going to find that my preference throughout the year is going to be good old Design A.

Close up of left side:
On the left side we have the title card, a black and white picture of the girls having lunch (a wonderful every day moment that I got to share with them on Martin Luther King Day), an instagram picture of our pizza and "The Bachelor" night, a quick little filler card I made, an iphone pic that the hubs took at a car show we went to this weekend, a quote from a conversation with Jules, and my favorite of this side- pics of Lilly climbing the stairs. I won't say it's the first time she showed interest in the stairs, but it was definitely the first time she quickly crawled to the landing in the blink of an eye. That meant it was time for the baby gate to go up. I absolutely love, love the expression that I caught on her face when I put the gate up.

The right side:
On the right side we have- a hilarious picture of Jules rocking out with her pink guitar while watching American Idol, a journaling card about our rock star, a journaling card about Jules getting invited to her first "friend from school" birthday party, two pics from the party (it was at a bounce house type place), two pics of Lilly and Jules in the trunk of Grandpa's car at the car show, and a little journaling about our visit with Grandpa Jim at the car show.

So you may all remember a few weeks back when I promised more designs of my project life map?? Well, I was going to do whip them up, when I realized Marcy Penner  beat me to the punch. SO- if you're still on the look out for Project Life Maps in other designs, be sure to stop by Marcy's blog and pick them up in all the designs here.

I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes look at how I map out the week before I get started. I open up the jpegs of my maps, and map everything out (and yes- I even do THIS digitally!), and then I start pulling my pictures and placing everything.

It's still taking me several hours to complete the spread for the week, but a major portion of this time is spent editing photos. It's definitely on my radar screen to start editing more throughout the week so I just have to pop the pictures in when it comes time to do my layout.

How are you feeling with your Project Life? Are things getting easier or more overwhelming?

Supplies used this week:



camilla said...

I am impressed that you are mapping your page out, even digitally. I keep moving things around as I go and change it a dozen times before I'm done.

Your pages look great! Love your work.

Krisi said...

I love seeing your workflow. Amazing that you do the mapping even with digital. I just plop and rearrange as needed!

Link up your digital page here:

Sarabeth said...

I just love this!!! thanks for sharing :0)


Heather Messmer said...

I'm in love with your digital pages. I'm also doing digital PL and would love to know where I can find the stitching you used the breakup each photo and journaling card.

packmom said...

Great pages and pictures. Love the busted ;0)

Chris Coryell said...

Fun pages! Love your "Our life right now" card. Thanks for the glimpse into your planning process during the week.
Julie Coryell

Amy Jaz said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! I LOVE getting each and every comment on this blog- so thank you!

Yes- I am totally anal and even though I do a digital layout, I still want a road map before I get started.

@Heather- the dashed lines is something I created. I've had a lot of inquiries about my template, so I think I'm going to offer it up as a freebie for everyone. I'll get it uploaded to my server tonight and share tomorrow!

Heather Messmer said...

@Amy - you're awesome! Thanks so much!!