Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Instagram Tuesday

What's Instagram Tuesday you ask? Well I wanted to share some Instagram pics, and today is Tuesday, so.... there you have it. The magic is revealed. Will it become a weekly adventure? Who knows, let's fly by the seat of our pants, shall we?

I seriously love Instagram. I catch all the moments I would normally miss because my camera isn't handy. I slap on a filter, and bam! I have some cute pics.

Here are some good ones from the past week:

Jules showing her new My Little Pony that she bought with a target gift card that she got for Christmas.

Lilly savoring every little bit of yogurt from one of those squeezable yogurt things.

Jules excited that she has reached 40 inches, which means she can ride the "big" rides at Disneyland. 

Jules declaring that she is no longer going to wear shoes...only bunny slippers. 

Game night.

Jules giving herself a nap in my bed.

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