Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Instagram Tuesday- A Day Late

I FORGOT INSTAGRAM TUESDAY YESTERDAY! Having MLK day off from work totally threw me off. So forgive me, and lets move on. ;-)

This week was not nearly as fun as last week with Disneyland pics, but really it shows our every day life a little better.

 Lilly and me- taken by Juliana (not bad Jules!)

My sister and I at my brother's "Nerdy 30" birthday bash (he's an engineer and we thought Nerdy 30 was more fun than a Dirty 30). 

On Sunday Lilly and I were hanging out at the house, and suddenly it got really quiet. I looked up from my computer to find her laying in the middle of the living room floor completely passed out.

The new purse. There's a story behind this one...I originally saw this purse over the summer when we were at Disneyland. I saw it at the Fossil store in Downtown Disney and loved it, but knew that Macy's and Dillards both carry Fossil, and those purses are always on sale. So I decided to wait. I watched it at Macy's, just waiting for the day that it went on sale (and I could be justified in buying yet ANOTHER purse!). Well the joke was on me because this thing sold out quickly- never to return. I was so sad. I checked Macy's, Dillards, the Fossil Store- all were sold out. I checked online and found a few on ebay, but didn't really want to go that route. So I chalked it up to "it was not meant to be" and moved on with my life. Then last weekend I just happened to walk by a clearance table at Macys with 1,000 purses on it, and something caught my eye... there buried beneath a bunch of other purses was this bag that I've wanted for so long. And guess what- it was on sale! 25% off, and then an additional 20% off, and then an additional 15% off when I used my  Macys card. HECK YEAH! Now that is some good shopping karma.

Monday night: Pizza and The Bachelor night. 

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Terri said...

Great photo of you and Lilly! Loved your story about the purse. Love it when those kinds of things happen. Glad to hear you are watching the Bachelor too.