Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project 52 | Week One | Resolutions

One of the exciting projects I am starting for 2012 is a Project 52. You probably have heard of the idea- take one photo a week. Hmm- I take a lot more than one photo a week  (okay MOST are with my iPhone, but whatever), so I think I can handle this.

Well a particular photographer that I am fond of (My Four Hens Photography- LOVE her actions!) is hosting a P52 over on flickr and I'm joining in! The first week's prompt is Resolutions.

One of my resolutions for 2012 is to achieve better balance between work, play, family time, me time, and design time. "Balance" also happens to be my chosen "One Little Word" for 2012, but more on that later...

My original thought for this week's photo was to take a picture of my daughter looking like she's walking on a balance beam. Well.... our sidewalks have sloped curves, and getting my daughter to pose and cooperate with my artistic vision... uh yeah- not happening. In the end, this is the best shot I got and really it just looks like she's walking away, but use your imagination- she's balancing...see?

The week is not over, and technically I could probably take another picture, but we are heading out tomorrow for a weekend Disneyland trip, so I doubt I'll have the opportunity to take another one. So, here we have it- Project 52- Week One!

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