Monday, May 21, 2012


That's probably the question on all your mind's, right? Where have I been the last few months?'s a long answer, but the short version is...very, very busy. My IRL (In Real Life) job got incredibly insanely busy. I was overworked, stressed out, tired, and spread way too thin! I was juggling a full time job, my invitation business, two small children, AND trying to find time to design and fit in my Project Life. Well- I clearly failed miserably at trying to juggle it all. I haven't touched my project life since February, and I've just barely managed to release a few products over the last few months.

The first 6 months of 2012 have really not been my friend. But really- besides the work drama- who's fault is it that I am overwhelmed? Yeah I know- it's my own fault. I try to do too much. I try to find time to do everything my creative heart desires, and it was just not working out. Something had to give, and I was hoping that it wasn't going to be my sanity (although it came very close to that- like the time a few months ago, when I sat in the bath tub and cried for a half an hour because I was just so overwhelmed).

So if giving up my sanity was not an option- what else has to give? I wish I could say it was the full time job, but no- that pays the bills, and living in a cardboard box with my husband, two children, and two dogs is not on my life list of things to do. Clearly, my kids mean the world to me, and that would obviously never ever ever be an option---so that leaves Amy Jaz Designs and my invitation business Elle + Bean.

If you've known me from etsy, then you know that I've worked very hard for 4 years to build up my invitation business, and it's been a successful venture for me! We've gone to Disneyland MANY times this past year, and done a lot of other fun things- all from the income from Elle + Bean. And as much fun as creating under Amy Jaz Designs has been- it was the last to be created, and the least profitable venture, so it was the on the losing end of the stick.

So what does this mean for Amy Jaz Designs? Well, it means that my guest spot at TLP will be coming to an end at the end of May. It means that if you've been eyeing any of my goods- you'd better pick them up quickly, because they will be gone from TLP on 6/1.

But here's a few things that this does not mean...

-I am NOT banishing Amy Jaz Designs from existence. I will be back Guest Designing at TLP in the fall, and every few months. I will still be around- just not driving myself insane trying to keep up with releasing new products every week.

-I am NOT giving up on my Project Life! Even though I'm WAAAAY behind, I still have been keeping track of what's been going on in our lives, and I do intend to catch up at some point. I will still be sharing my project life in the forums/galleries at TLP, here on my blog, and on my facebook page at Amy Jaz Designs.

-I am NOT done scrapping and sharing. I actually just signed up for Ali Edward's 31 Things class this week, and also Renee Pearson's iScrapit (starting in June). I'm really, really excited about both of these classes. I have just started on 31 Things, and will be sharing along the way, but 5 days in to the class and I am already behind (because I signed up late). :-) More on that soon. I am extra super excited about Renee's class, iScrapit,  because it's going to teach me how to use my iPad for scrapping, and simplifying the Project Life process, and making it a more manageable task is exactly what I need in my life.

So, things will change a little bit around here, but I am so happy to finally have dug myself out of my hole long enough to be able to share with you what's been going on, what you can expect for the future. I hope you will all continue to follow me, as I still hope to inspire and be inspired here on my blog.


Sarabeth aka Sarita said...

I'm rootin' for ya girl! Best of luck with everything. I'm definitely a fan and will keep following your journey. :0)

Stef said...

Sooo...what does this mean for your Creative Team? Early retirement? I'm happy for you but bummed about the designing hiatus. I seriously love your products.