Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Instagram Tuesday

Well it looks like we're in for another installment of Instagram Tuesday, since it's Tuesday and I have a bunch of pics that week took at disneyland this past week!

The girls ready for our first day at Disneyland:

The park in all of it's holiday glory:

Juliana's joy over us finally agreeing to let her have a balloon (those things are so annoying):

Lilly passed out in the stroller:

Jules and her "mickey make up"

Jules and Daddy snuggling, with Jules quickly passing out:

 Lilly checking out the goods at a shop in Disneyland:

Of course not ALL the pics of the week were from Disneyland. Here are a few others:

Daddy's keys were missing for a couple of days, but we found them...in the dishwasher!

Tried Starbucks Via for the first time. Thumbs up! 

Winter in Arizona means TONS of hot air balloons. Lots of sightings today:

Juliana taking a picture of Lilly:

Lilly saying hello as I worked from the couch:


Justine said...

no way! your eldest is called Juliana? my sister is a Juliana too - not a very common name, even less common here in Oz - more proof i was meant to be on your CT i think ;)

love your disney pics and daddy's keys in the dishwasher is classic, i found mine in the clothes hamper one time when my son was younger...

Abby Devine said...

I just love instagram photos. They add such a nice fun touch to EVERY photo. I love playing on this app, so many options to choose from when editing photos.

Adorebynat said...

Love all the pictures, Amy. I gotta to try instagram soon, it seems that's what everyone has been doing. Hope you and family had a blast @Disney. The business is slowly going under control and I'm hoping to get active again playing with your kits. Ttyl.