Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Life | Week Five

Here we are in week five! I was pumped this week to get to use a new kit for the month. I love the softness of this color palette.

This week held two birthdays (my nephew's and my own), the superbowl, and a sick kid.

Close up of Left:

This side we have pics from my nephew's birthday party, instagram pic of my elton john look alike baby,  a week in review journaling card (I like this concept and will probably continue with it each week), journaling card about what Jules and Lilly are saying right now (Jules- creepy and whackadoodle, Lilly- Mmmmm and Hi), and a picture and some journaling of Jules home sick from school. Turned out she stayed home sick all week.

Close up of Right:

This side shows a picture of my dog Lola, an instagram picture and some journaling about Lilly discovering a left-behind chocolate donut and the squeals of delight I heard when she started eating it, a journaling card with a pic of Lilly sticking out her tongue and journaling about how she started standing on her own this week without holding on to things, a journaling card showing what I'm reading right now, instagram pic with Jules and my nephew going for a ride, a journaling card about Superbowl Sunday, a picture of me on my birthday while everyone sang to me, and an instagram pic of my birthday present- a Keurig!

I'm totally digging my color palette this week, so I'm feeling this spread.

Oh- AND I sent my January spreads to Persnickety Prints on Sunday, and they came already. I can't tell you how excited I am to actually have my spreads in my hands and in my album. They look awesome. I'm so happy with how this project is going, and still super happy with the decision to go digital.

If you haven't grabbed my free template yet, be sure to grab it here. Other products used this week:



Cara said...

Happy birthday, Amy!! Your pages look great!

Chris Coryell said...

Your pages are so soft & beautiful!!

Thanks for sharing!


Christina said...

These are just gorgeous. I love how simple your week titles are. Since this is my first time doing Project Life, I'm not really focusing on consistency...but I want to, haha. Does it help to do it all digitally?

Amy Jaz said...

Thanks Cara and Julie!!

Christina- Oh YES- I think digital is absolutely the only way I can get this project done. To just be able to sit down at my computer and start scrapping and not have to worry about printing, cutting, sizing, etc- it makes a huge difference. I love the paper albums, but I bet I'd already be weeks behind if I hadn't decided to do this digitally!