Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crap in a Crock Pot- and the Giveaway Winner!

I've only recently discovered the magical little kitchen tool called the Crock Pot. Yeah- I know, I'm WAY behind the times on this! But for some reason, the crock pot recipes never appealed to me. I thought it was only for baking a big hunk of meat all day. But recently I've changed my tune and I've been using this magical little tool like twice a week. It's funny though- every time I put the ingredients in the crock pot, the thought runs through my mind...."you just put a bunch of crap in a crock pot, and a few hours later you have dinner!". So as I journey through trying all these new recipes out, I'll be sure to report back my thoughts in a blog series I will now affectionately call "Crap in A Crock Pot".

I found this crock pot recipe for Chicken Enchilada Soup on

I will admit- I am so not a soup person. I never feel like it's really a meal- there's something so lunch-ish about it. But my husband loves soup, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. So here are my thoughts...

YUM! I totally loved this soup! And the hubby loved it too (he even packed up the leftovers for lunch). My three year old...well, she ended up eating spaghetti-o's because this was a little on the spicy side for her. Things I would do differently next time... the recipe calls for three chicken breasts, and my breasts were REALLY big. Next time I will use small breast fillets, or use only 2 large ones. There was a LOT of shredded chicken in my soup. There was an optional step to add some cornstarch to thicken the soup and I did not do that. I don't think it needed it- it was perfect as is.

So there you have it my friends- my first "Crap in a Crock Pot" review was a success! Carry forth and make yourself some Chicken Enchilada Soup!

In other news that I know you are all waiting for.... I have selected a winner for the A Very Vintage Christmas Kit!


BethieJ said...

THANK YOU so much! I was so EXCITED to get your email this AM! Cant wait to use this FABULOUS kit!! and YUM your soup sounds delish.. I {heart} my crockpot.. I do LOVE what you call it crap in a crockpot... I may never look at it the same way again! :)
Have a GREAT day!

Macy Goode Designs said...

Congrats BethieJ!!!!